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. "STEADY Translations" offers competent consultancy and intermediary services related to translation and legalization of all your documents.

LEGALIZATION of documents of foreign physical persons and juridical entities is carried out by the "Consular" department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, upon certification of the said documents by the relevant umbrella institution of the issuing organization. In all cases, you will need to have an APOSTILLE attached to your documetns

APOSTILLE is a special seal, affixed to official documents, certifying the fidelity of signatures and seals appearing on it. It does not certify the fidelity of the document's content. The institutions, empowered to affix the said Apostille vary with different countries. On the territory of Bulgaria only the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have the legal right to affix the said seal.


In some cases, an "official translation" suffice to meet the requirements of governmetnal or municipal institusions, which means that a translation is done on a letter-headed paper of our company with relevant company seals and translator's signature affixed thereto.


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