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Related services

Localization: adapting a service or commodity, such as a software and/or websites, for example, to the local market to be sold and/or implemented.

Proof-reading: offered as a stand-alone or part of our translation services.

Legalization: certification of documents, issued by local Bulgarian, or foreign institutions, for purposes of official recognition and acceptance by respective governmental and/or municipal authorities, etc., home and abroad.





The team of "STEADY Translations" is experienced in providing both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services at congresses, conferences, meetings, negotiations, etc. covering events of local and international initiatives. Another aspect of our interpretation services includes interpretation services during team-building trainings, negotiations, etc.





Translation of personal and/or company documents is provided to both individuals and legal entities in order to facilitate their activities on the territory of Bulgaria or abroad. The service has been made available either on a subscription basis, upon concluding an agreement entitling customers to discounts, priority in having their projects translated, or as a standard service, based on our regular rates. Subscription gives customers the opportunity of making use of our services' added value, such as consultancy and/or assistance in filing documents with respective local institutions.

In working on complex translation project, we make use of CAT-software and assisting teams to pre-process the translation in order to guarantee prompt and uniform terminology use and the highest of quality. Furthermore, out teams have gained experience in working to pressing deadlines.


Look No Further Than
"STEADY Translations " !

Some of the fields, we provide translation in:

Personal and Company documents (correspondence);

Localization of commodities and services;

Economics and finance;



Technical, including military, naval, chemico-biological, civil engineering, etc.;

Electronics, telecommunication, IT, etc.;



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